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7 Tips to take your Wedding Photos like a Boss (Grooms)

Behind every Boss Bride is a Boss Groom. And in this case, we mean it quite literally - we want you in all of your confidence and masculinity standing tall like a real boss, gentlemen. Here are 7 tips for nailing your photoshoot like a boss (for Grooms). 

Ladies, if you’re looking for the female version of this, click here.

1. Strong Stance

Santa Barbara Elopement Photography

Start every photo standing with feet about shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward. If you point your toes inward, it might look a bit awkward, and if they’re pointed too outward, it looks clownish. Get your balance and stand strong for your Bride.

2. Have Good Posture

Practice pulling your shoulders back with your chest out. This will give you a strong presence in your photos. You may hear us asking you to take a deep breath. This trick will automatically give you better posture while having you flatten your stomach as well.

3. Lean Against a Wall

Once you have the strong stance and posture down, try leaning against a wall for a more casual model-esque look. (Think Brad Pitt in a photo shoot) This will put you at ease and gives off a natural look instead of something too rigid. You can bounce back and forth between putting your back against the wall or just leaning to the side with your shoulder. If you’re against your back, kick one foot up, and if you’re against your shoulder, cross your legs ever so smoothly. 

4. Relax Your Hands

Our clients always ask what to do with their hands. In this case, you can keep them in a resting position to look natural. We may ask you to put your hands in the pocket for a neat look. Watch out for the thumbs though, as having them out of pocket while the rest of your hand is in pocket may appear distracting. Hide those thumbs! Conversely, you can have just the thumbs in the pocket with the rest of the fingers out for a more casual look (Engagement Shoot). Interestingly enough, if you do something with one of your hands, the other can usually relax.

5. Put Your Hands To work

While there are times to relax the hands, we also want you comfortable using them in action. In this case, it may be adjusting your watch, fixing your tie, or wiping away the hair from your Bride’s face. What we’re looking for is to create a triangular angle with your arms. Your arms will also act as leading lines to draw the viewer’s attention towards yours or your partner’s face.

6. Angle Your Chin

Notice the chin and how it’s pointed and positioned. Too far down and the double chin will show up. You want to position it so that we can see your pronounced jawline. Look slightly downward or off to the side for that true boss look. (Again, imagine Brad Pitt).

7. Look Like a Boss

It might literally be as easy as imagining yourself as a boss. Stand up tall, act like you own the place, and show off all of that confidence from top to bottom. You’re only marrying the partner of your dreams, so c’mon now!


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