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10 Tips to take your Wedding Photos like a Boss (Brides)

Updated: May 14, 2020

Your Wedding Photos are going to be the photos you look back on for years to come. And hey, as much as we would like to believe that every photo is about composition, lighting, aperture, and shutter speeds (and it is to us, by the way), we all know that if you look anything less than stellar in your pictures, you’re not going to love it. Here are our top 10 tips for nailing your Photo Shoot like a Boss (For Brides).

Men, if you’re looking for the male version of this, click here.

1. Start With Your Feet

Santa Barbara Elopement Photography

Start every photo with your feet. Shift your weight from foot to foot and accentuate those hips for the classic hourglass shape that you know your partner loves about you.

2. Love Those Legs

This goes along with the feet. Either bend one knee (even the littlest bit) so you don't look stiff or cross your ankles at your calves to elongate your legs and make your hips appear narrower. Crossing your legs will also make your calves look slimmer.

3. Accentuate Your Arms

One of the most popular questions we get is “What do I do with my hands?” You want to create space with your arms so that they’re not pressed against your body, which causes them to look wider than normal. We may ask you to put your hand on your hip or on your upper thigh in order to accentuate your waist and keep your shoulders thin. Make sure to tuck your elbow in so that it’s pointed backwards instead of to the side. If your partner is next to you, put your hands on their chest or shoulders to create a triangular angle with your arms.

4. Stand Up Straight

Stand up straight and push back those shoulders.  Great posture goes a long way in making you look happier, healthier, more fit and more confident. It will also bring out those natural curves.

5. Show Your Best Side

Most women have discovered what their best side is. If you’re still unsure, a 2012 study found that most people’s left sides were their best sides. Let the Photographer know so we can make sure your best side is always facing forward.

6. Angle Your Chin

Angle your chin downward in order to make a round or oval face look slimmer. But do this every so slightly as to avoid creating a double chin in the process. You can push your entire face forward as what is closest to the camera will look the biggest, so pushing your face forward a bit will make your body appear slimmer. We will always be trying to shoot you from a slightly overhead angle as well for this reason. 

7. Push Your Tongue Up

Ladies, we know how much we dislike the look of anything resembling a double chin. When you push your tongue up against the roof of your mouth, it will help to elongate your neck and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

8. Smile With Your Eyes

When smiling or laughing, it’s not necessary to laugh full on as those will create puffy cheeks and extra wrinkles near your eye. Instead, smile ever so subtly with your eyes so that they squint, naturally turning the corners up. Look slightly upward for the best shots

9. Twist Your Body

Turn your body in such a way so that you’re facing your partner standing next to you. This will put your body’s depth, instead of width, on display which is more flattering and makes you look skinnier. As an example, our Photographers will have you begin by facing your feet North and then twisting West towards the camera.

10. Have Fun

At the end of the day, you want your photos to capture the natural essence of your beauty and not to look posed. If you feel nervous or self conscious, look away from the camera and have a moment with your partner. Giggle, laugh, tell jokes, make silly faces- you can even twirl around and dance for a bit!

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Arthur Ko
Arthur Ko
May 14, 2020

I love it when women feel and look great about themselves. Go girls!

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