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6 Tips on Properly Prepping for your Engagement Photo Shoot

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

So it’s finally time for those Engagement Photos you’ve been waiting for and we want you to show up feeling confident and ready. Getting ready for your Engagement Shoot is a lot like getting ready for that big first date. You want to make sure those brows are on fleek and that you look and feel stunning from head to toe. Here are 5 tips from us at Boss Brides to help you with the preparation.

1. Determine Your Ideal Location

Santa Barbara Elopement Photography

While there are a lot of popular places you’ll find on the web, we encourage you to think outside the box and make it personal. How about the first place you and your partner ever met, or your favorite fast food location? It can also be a shared hobby. The Bowling Alley or Disneyland, anyone? Keep in mind certain areas do have permits that are required for professional shooting. Here is a list of common popular locations we shoot in Southern California.

2. Outfits

You’ll want to pick comfy outfits that complement one another while matching the background and season that you’re shooting in. If you want an in-depth guide on dressing the part, click here for our full guide on What to Wear for the Engagement Shoot.

3. Hair and Makeup

Once you have your date officially scheduled and in the books, you can officially book and sync up your haircut and makeup session as well. Do mind the weather and temperature and how it might affect your hair and makeup.

4. Best Timing

We recommend meeting about 2 hours before the official sunset time so we can shoot into the golden hour, where the daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is high in the sky and harsh. This also works during the morning after sunrise if you want to avoid the crowds of people.

5. We love Props

Props bring out creativity and add another layer to your photos. It also helps to lessen any awkwardness you might feel. Incorporate your favorite book or hey, bring those cute dogs out. One of our favorites is bringing a blanket to sit on or adding smoke bombs.

6. Practice

If you’re naturally shy in front of the camera, take some time to practice a few moves with your partner. Bonus points for those who turn this into a fun date night experience. While we will be sure to pose you and re-create many moods on site, it never hurts to look up certain poses you like and practice them in front of the mirror. Check out the slider above for a few of our favorites.

For more information on Boss Brides, a high end all inclusive Wedding service company, please Contact Us. We’d love to have you come by and see our work, meet the team, and learn more about how we can accommodate you with your Photography, Videography, DJ, Photo Booth, Lighting, and Day of Coordination needs.

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