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What to Wear for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement photos have many different uses. You can incorporate your photos into your Wedding Invites, Save the Dates, Website, and/or as Canvas print outs. On top of that, it’s a unique time to get to know your Wedding Photographer and practice posing together in front of the camera for the big day. 

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting your engagement photo outfits, especially since the options are quite endless. How to select the outfits for the occasion? Here are some tips below to help you put together that glamorous wardrobe.

Pick Clothes That You’re Comfy In

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While we know how exciting it is to get dressed up for your photoshoot, the most important thing is that you are feeling like a boss in what you are wearing. Feeling comfortable and confident will show up in your photos. Also, you may be asked to do a variety of things such as sitting, dancing, and other poses so keep that in mind as well. 

Clothes that Accentuate You

Is there a body feature that you are particularly fond of?  Consider the fit of the clothes you might wear. Do you like tight or flowy pieces? Try to accentuate the feature or body part you love the best, whether that’s matching a top to the color of your eyes, creating an hourglass figure with a waist-cinching belt, or showing off your legs in a pair of cropped jeans.

Styles That Complement Each Other

While it’s important that your clothes themselves need to match from top to bottom, you and your partner will need to sync up, too. If you’re going for the casual look, it will look awkward if he shows up in formal attire. If you are wearing a busy pattern, then your partner should wear a plain design so you two complement one another. Get it? 

Dress for the Season You’re In

If you have your heart set on taking photos in Winter, then schedule the photos for Winter and dress accordingly. Don’t try to fake it. If you take photos in the Spring, then dress accordingly for the Spring. You can always tell when an environment and the wardrobe do not match.

Dress For The Location

Keep the location in mind. How will the background look? If you’re in a naturesque location, it will look out of place to arrive in a formal dress and stilettos. If you’re in the city, then go for a more sophisticated attire rather than something casual. For shoots along the beach, summer hues will stand out against the muted sand and water, whereas neutrals will be drowned out. If there’s too much going on in the background, wearing a busy pattern will make you fade into it rather than popping out.

Utilize Layers

Layers are great for engagement photos because they not only photograph well, but they also make for quick outfit changes. As a bonus, whatever layers you take off- a chunky sweater, denim jacket, or a faux fur coat, can also be used as a fun prop for later in the shoot.

Add at Least One Accessory

It might literally be as easy as imagining yourself as a boss. Stand up tall, act like you own the place, and show off all of that confidence from top to bottom. You’re only marrying the partner of your dreams, so c’mon now!

Show Off Your Shoes

Your shoes are the perfect piece to help you show some pizazz. If you are going for photos with a neutral color palette, add a pop of color or fun pattern to your shoes.

Go Bold

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re up for it, embrace bold prints and bright colors, in moderation, of course. When you’re wearing an eye-catching hue or pattern, you’ll pop out from the background. Of course, make sure not to clash with the background as we mentioned previously in Dress for the Location. Again, both partners should not wear bold patterns. Instead, while one of you rocks a print, the other should choose an article of clothing that pulls out a color from that print for effortless, but not obvious, coordination.

Two Outfits

Having a second outfit will completely change the feel of the photos even if you are taking them in the exact same place, so don’t feel restricted. If you want to channel a few different photo concepts or themes, you can use different outfits to do so. Dress more formal for some shots and then cozy for others. We really enjoy starting off casual with a laid-back look, then amping it up with a dressier style. We set the limit at two outfits though, or else you can easily spend the entire shoot worried about changing.

Some Engagement Fashion No No’s

  • Don’t wear exactly the same things. For example, don’t the both of you go wearing the same blue jeans and white top. 

  • Don’t dress for the trends. Keep in mind that styles come and go. You don’t want to look back and wonder what you might have been thinking. 

  • Don’t wear clothing with large patterns or logos. These are distracting and take away from the subject: you two.  

  • Don’t make significant changes to your hair and makeup. You’ll still want to look like yourself.  You want your day-to-day look to be enhanced in your engagement photos.

  • Don’t forget the ring! It’s your Engagement Shoot after all.


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