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Wedding Photographer/Videographer Shotlist

This article gives an in depth view of the shots our Photography and Videography teams are expected to capture on any given Wedding Day. This can also be used in conjunction with our Wedding Photography Timeline to provide a more relevant view of our work and how it applies to the actual Wedding Day.  


Our Lead Photographer/Videographer will capture the most important photos with an emphasis on the Bride’s side, while the 2nd shooters assist in covering the Groom’s side, details, and what the lead cannot cover. This covers the scope of the entire day along with audio details for Video teams. 

I. Getting Ready / Details

A. Bride/Groom Reading Vows [Video Team: Hide Lav Mic]

B. Dress/Veil and Bridesmaids Dresses

C. Bridal first looks

1. Once the Bride is dressed, photograph the first time her parents see her dress or the first time her Bridesmaids do.

D. The Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready [1st Shooter]

E. Finishing touches on hair and makeup

F. Finishing putting on dress, shoes, or garter

G. Details: Perfume, Jewelry, Rosary, Rings, Invitation

H. Bride/Bridesmaids on the bed with their Wedding Gowns

I. The Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready [2nd Shooter]

 1. Tying shoes, Best Man adjusting tie, buttoning up vest, adjusting cufflinks, putting on jacket, drinking a shot of alcohol

2. Details: Shoes, Watch, Cologne, Bowtie, Cufflinks

J. Maid of Honor + Best Man / Mother + Father assisting Bride and Groom

K. Bridesmaids helping the Bride with putting on the dress.

L. Flower girl interaction

M. The Bride with her Bridesmaids [1st Shooter] 

 1. Several different poses, with variation of both full length and closer crops.

2. Include flower girl and or/junior Bridesmaids

3. Individual portraits of Bride with each Bridesmaid

N. Best man/Father assisting with cufflinks, bowtie, & jacket

O. Flowers (Boutonniere, Corsage, Bouquet)

P. Anything borrowed, blue or old

II. Bride and Groom Portraits

A. Photograph the Bride by herself. Use a variety of poses, some full length, some close-up, some with the bouquet and some without. Include at least one shot that shows the back of the dress. 

B. Groom Portraits [2nd Shooter]

C. Photograph the Groom by himself. Get a few different poses and vary the crops from full length to closer portraits.

D. The Groom and Groomsmen

 1. Together as large group

2. Different poses with different compositions

3. Individual portraits of Groom with each Groomsmen

III. Pre-Ceremony/Audio

A. Connect Audio through the soundboard, speaker [Video Team]

1. Mic up Groom, Priest, Officiant

B. Ask Priest/Officiant to move to the side after the first kiss

C. Empty Venue (Wide, Medium, and Close up)

D. Venue Details (Wide, medium, and close up)

E. Candid shots of people coming in, writing a sign-in book, hugging, smiling

F. Candid shots of bridal party/parents getting ready to walk down the aisle

IV. Ceremony (Close, Mid, Wide)

A. Parents and Grandparents entering

B. Procession of wedding party walking down

C. Groom's reactions as Bride enters

1. This means working very quickly! Position yourself about three-quarters down the aisle and use a zoom lens to photograph the Bride first entering and turn to photograph the Groom (Do NOT get in leads way)

D. Parents giving the Bride away to the Groom

E. Pay attention to the details of the Ceremony details

F. Any musicians or speakers

G. Watch the audience for potential reaction shots, particularly the family at the front laughing or wiping tears

H. Perspective

 1. 1st Shooter captures Wide Angle + Bride side

2. 2nd Shooter captures Groom side

I. Exchange of Rings

J. “Mr & Mrs. Announcement” (Both Couple & Guest reaction)

K. TOP PRIORITY: The big kiss! For this essential shot, plan ahead to determine your composition. This is front and center.

L. Bride & Groom Walking down the aisle [Stop in middle and get a kiss & dip]

M. The recessional as the Wedding party exits

O. The receiving line. Catch a few hugs with family members. Depending on the time, get some group shots outside of the church. Then lead can set up any necessary lights for the formals

P. The bubbles, birdseed, confetti — if the Bride and Groom choose to have a dramatic exit. The getaway car.

V. Family Portraits & Wedding Party

A. Start with the whole family — grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles cousins. Then remove extended family members from the photos until it’s only the parents and siblings. Finally, parents and couples only. 

 1. Bride & Groom with immediate family (candid wide, medium, close up)

2. Bride & Groom with the entire bridal party. Bride with Groomsmen only [Video Team: Minimal recording here unless creating an action sequence such as cheers, kiss & close eyes, everyone jumping, tug of war]

B. Bride & Groom Session [Video Team: Direct walking/running while holding hands, meet in the middle, spin, hug, kiss action sequences]

C. The Bride and Groom with the officiant.

D. The Bride and Groom together in the ceremony venue.

E. The Bride and Groom with the flower girl and ring bearer.

F. Signing the wedding license

G. The wedding party outdoors in the second location.

H. Watch for candid moments of the Bride, Groom and wedding party interacting while working to set up the formal poses, such as walking to the next spot.

I. A close-up of the rings on the Bride and Groom’s hands

VI. Romantic Couple Shots

A. TOP PRIORITY. To be taken outdoors or in a secondary photo location. These are shots that will likely end up blown up on a canvas and/or posted on the Album centerfold. Achieve a variety of different poses and schedule at least 45 minutes for this. Get full length and close-ups of each pose for variety. Include both still poses and action poses, such as the couple walking together or kissing. These are the MONEY SHOTS!  

B. Refer to Tips for Brides on how to take Wedding Photos

C. Refer to Tips for Grooms on how to take Wedding Photos

VII. Reception

A. Empty Venue (Wide, medium, & Close up)

B. Details of the Venue

1. Table centerpiece, menu, silverware, glass cups, Cake, Candy table, sign-in book, seating chart, sweetheart table, anything custom, gift table

C. Candid moments of the guest walking to the reception, enjoying cocktail hour, guest signing in, live music, the guest dancing

D. Connect audio with DJ soundboard or speakers [Video Team]

E. Minimal attention: Guest walking, talking and enjoying the cocktail hour

F. Get cameras ready for the grand entrance. Preparation is key.

G. Grand entrance with bridal party & couple.

H. First dance, Parents Dance

I. Speeches & Toast

J. Dinner. Table to Table or each table on the dance floor [Video Team not necessary. Only 1st Shooter Photographer needed]

K. Bouquet toss & Garter toss. Photo of Bride/Groom with the lucky catcher

L. Dancing: Watch for candid moments from both guests and the wedding party throughout the night.

M. Cake cutting & Champagne toast

N. Night Shots (Romantics)

O. The exit, if anything like bubbles, sparkles or confetti is planned

VII.  Say Goodnight to Clients & Wedding Coordinator

A. Thank them on behalf of Boss Brides and exit appropriately

B. Take a group photo together with client and entire team :)