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Creating the Perfect Overlay For Your Event

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

When booking with Boss Brides, we work as a team to design a custom overlay that integrates your event date, theme colors, and design.

What's an overlay?

A photo template (aka Print Templates) is the design you see displayed on your printed photos after your guests have taken their pictures. Overlays can include company logos, branding, event dates, names, and any other customizations you would like to create a truly personalized event experience.

Are overlay designs important?

Yes! Overlays bring your photos to life! Also, a well-designed overlay helps build the aesthetic of your event. No one wants to see their favorite pictures displayed on a blank piece of paper. That's why it's important to create a beautiful design that will have your guests shouting "wow!"

How many overlay layouts can I choose from?

GC Photo Booth offers a variety of templates for your event. Each template is created to be unique for any event. With over nine different custom templates to choose from, picking the best template is now easier than ever!

Here are examples of our custom overlays.

Layout Options

Layout 1

(1 photo 4x6)

Layout 2

(4 photo 4x6)

Layout 3

(4 photo 4x6)

Layout 4

(4 photo 4x6)

Layout 5

( 2 copies 2x6)

Layout 6

(2 copies 2x6)

Layout 7

(4 photo 4x6)

Layout 8

(3 photo 4x6)

Custom Overlays

Want a different design? Don't worry we got it covered! Boss Brides works with our expert designers to create the perfect layout that matches the aesthetic and vibe of your next event. While the custom design possibilities are endless, we are here to help you create the best template for your event.

Key Features: The printer can output the following photo sizes: 2" x 6", 4" x 6", 6" x 8", 5" x 7". Both glossy and matte papers are available, black and white images and glam filter effect.

Contact us

For more information on GC Boss Brides and the services we offer, please Contact Us. We’d love to chat with you about your upcoming event and learn more about how we can accommodate you with your Photo Booth needs.

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