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5 Reasons To Add an Engagement Video to Your Video Package

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

If you aren’t sold on Videography as a service overall yet, be sure to first read our other article 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer. Then come back to this, after!

Engagement Videos are a creative and lively way to document the unique love story between you and your partner. This is where you can actually talk about how you first met, how you fell in love, the proposal, and all the other details that make up your relationship. Here are 5 reasons to include Engagement Videography as part of your video package.

1. They’re Fun and Creative

You know when people ask you the question, “How did you two meet?” Well, guess what? Now you have an answer for them. Every couple has a unique story to tell and now we can record it for you. We can even shoot at the first place you have ever met (assuming it’s within range, of course!) Share with us your first reactions, how you first began to fall in love, yes- tell us how you really feel already! All of your friends and family will be squealing at the chance to watch this.

2. Announce Your Save the Date Differently

So, you don’t need to necessarily ditch the classic Save the Date postcard, especially for some of the more traditional guests of your Wedding, but showing off your love story online will be all the rage and excitement. And hey, it’s environmentally conscious, too.

3. Play the Video at your Wedding Reception

There is nothing quite like a video, filled with sights and sounds, that will delight and entertain your guests at dinner. It’s another item to add to the timeline of entertainment for the evening and captures their audience like none other. This video highlights your personality and shows more depth to your story versus the typical (and boring) photo slide show.

4. Bring Out That Hollywood Star in You

Now’s your time to shine and I know we have some potential stars here reading this who have always wanted to shine in front of the spotlight. Could this be your moment? There’s not many things as fun, and let’s be honest, as glorious, as having your faces on the big screen.

5. You Have Time to Film Ideal Scenes

Because there is so much going on during the big day with time constraints, unpredictable weather, and not to mention, everything involved with getting married - your Engagement Video will be the only time you get to shoot while schedule and weather conditions are lax and desirable. If your Videographer recommends it, even incorporate some of these shots into your final Wedding Day Video for a “then” and “now” time sequence.

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