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The Different Types of Wedding Video Edits

Long gone are the dragged out (and unwatchable) 2-3 hour videos of yesteryear. What used to be a camera sitting on a tripod recording endlessly has now evolved into a cinematic recording style. With equipment that includes gimbals, drones, and fluid head tripods, our videographers have the most up to date equipment to create cinematic wedding videos.

What this does is allow for a much more cinematic approach to the editing style as well. Imagine a music video with many cuts and transitions into different scenes. Here are our different types of video edits for your reference:

Teaser (1 minute)

This is a very short teaser edit that is purposely intended to tease you (and your audience). It’s a quick compilation of the footage that might come in the form of a sneak peek and leaves you wanting more. Usually we pump this out within 1-2 weeks.

Cinematic Edit (3-4 minutes)

This is our most popular edit and captures the most important parts of the day. It’s structured like a music video with music in the background but does not include much actual audio. This is based on your prototypical music video edit.

Highlight Reel

Our Highlight Reel allows for more of the vows, speeches, dances, and ceremonies to be included. This edit is usually made for and watched by close family and friends, especially if they were a part of the Wedding Party. It includes more detail and highlights of the day as you can see.

Full Feature Film (30+ minutes)

The Full Feature Film is our version of the full length feature. It will include the entire Ceremony and all of the speeches in addition to the snippets of details that we go through. Usually, it will be your close family such as Mom and Grandma who watches this.

For more information on Boss Brides, a high end all inclusive Wedding service company, please Contact Us. We’d love to have you come by and see our work, meet the team, and learn more about how we can accommodate you with your Photography, Videography, DJ, Photo Booth, Lighting, and Day of Coordination needs.

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